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Current Weather at Grand Canyon, Arizona
Updated- 8:16 07/21/18

Current Conditions

Current Outside Temperature  Current Outside Humidity  Current Outside Dewpoint

Current Wind Chill  Current THW Index  Current Outside Heat Index

Current Wind Direction  Current Barometer  Current Wind Speed

Past 24 Hours

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Rain Data (during Summer Season)

Today's Rain  Storm Rain Total  Current Rain Rate  Monthly Total Rain  Yearly Total Rain

Wind Snapshot
NW at 0.0 mph
10 Min High Wind Average
0.0 mph
Wind Chill
29.784 in & Falling Slowly
Today's Rain
0.00 in
Rain Rate
0.00 in/hr
Storm Total
0.00 in
Monthly Rain
0.08 in
Yearly Rain
4.76 in
THW Index
Heat Index
Today's Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

79.6F   at   8:15

57.8F  at    5:53

High Humidity

Low Humidity

76%    at   6:05

35%   at   8:02

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

55.0F   at   6:51

48.0F  at   8:02

High Wind Speed

1.0 mph   at   7:46

High Barometer

Low Barometer

29.853 in   at   6:14

29.751 in  at   1:14

High Rain Rate

0.00 in/hr   at  ----

Low Wind Chill

58.0F   at   5:22

High Heat Index

79.0F   at   8:15


Current Month Climatological Summary

Current Year Climatological Summary

Previous Monthly Climatological Summaries Previous Year Summaries - 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16


NWS Forecast for Grand Canyon National Park

NWS Flagstaff Area Forecast Discussion

APRS Weather Info

Moon Phase: First Quarter

The Forecast from the Vantage Pro: Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 6 hours Windy with possible wind shift to the W, NW, or N.

Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station                               Design Updated:  2/25/17

Inside Temp: 79.0F


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